National Sentiment July 2022

Date Commenced.

13 July 2022


Phone Number Method.

Random Digit Dialling (RDD)


Survey Objective.

The Centre for Policy Initiatives (CPI) runs monthly and quarterly surveys to understand the mood of ordinary Malaysians towards social, economic, and political issues. The data collected is used for a mixture of academic and research purposes.



Should you agree, you will be asked up to a total of 20 multiple-choice questions. This conversation will be recorded for verification purposes.


Right to Refuse or Withdraw.

Participation is fully voluntary. You can withdraw at any time or skip any question. However, we reserve the right to use any information obtained prior to your withdrawal.


Anonymous and Confidential Data Collection.

Your participation will be secret. Nobody can identify any participant because we randomly pick respondents aged 18 and above based on random digit dialling (RDD). We also do not keep personal data.


Confidentiality of Records.

Only the company and researchers will have access to your answers. They will not be made public unless required by law.


Who to contact with questions.

Amyra – [email protected]